What We Offer

Specialising in providing transformational communication skills training, we support organisations to improve their workplace environment by providing a range of workshops (face to face, virtual and online) and resources for more effective communication, leading to Empowered Conversations that enable everyone they interact with to THRIVE.

Our communication skills workshops are fun, inspiring, and transformational. We encourage attendees to honestly self-reflect, be challenged, and think deeply. We raise people’s awareness and equip them with practical communication strategies and invaluable life skills that not only enable them to communicate more effectively but also have the potential to positively change lives.

Our valued clients attest to our ability to teach and support them to have truly Empowered Conversations which enable an organisational culture and service provision where people:

    Feel respected

    Are trusted and valued

    Are empowered to have a voice

    Build their capability and confidence

    Feel a strong sense of self

    Have more resilience

    Have a state of well-being where they realise their potential


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If you would like to chat with us to find out more about how we can support you to have more Empowered Conversations and create a workplace culture where people come first, please call us on 1300 695 377 or alternatively email info@empoweredconversations.com.au

About Lindsay and the Journey So Far…

Our journey began in 2002 when Lindsay left the corporate world to start her own business Inspirational Coaching. Her decision to leave the corporate sector was driven by her wanting to feel that she was contributing to making the world a better place and to challenge herself on the next stage in her own personal growth.  Initially her focus for the business was to provide inspiring training and coaching opportunities and she grew the business to employ 10 people.

In 2009 she realised that her absolute passion was using questions to empower people and enable them to fulfil their potential and she woke up one night with the term Better Questions Are The Answer in her head. This led her to create the brand Better Questions and she published her first book The Answer – Improve Your Life By Asking Better Questions. This led to her creating a new workshop and multiple resources and since then and her work has been shared with 1000’s of people throughout Australia as well as in New Zealand and Singapore.

In 2021, Lindsay made a decision that she wanted to take her work to a global audience. She often cries when she reads the testimonials she gets for her work, and she wanted to find a way of getting her message to more people in the world and share the simple, yet profound message that can make a difference in the lives of millions of people. The new brand Empowered Conversations was born and Lindsay is consolidating her life’s work into offering workshops and resources that provide a powerful and unique opportunity for people to learn how to think and act differently so that they can communicate in a profound and positive way that enables them to change the world, one conversation at a time.

EMPOWERED CONVERSATIONS brings a global audience an opportunity to access inspiring workshops either face to face, virtually or online as well as being able to purchase various books, cards, apps and access lots of free materials that Lindsay has developed.

Our Trainers and Coaches

Tina Dolphin

I’ve been fascinated by the way people think since I studied Marketing Communications way back in 1995 (showing my age now!) when I first learnt about neural pathways and how our thoughts could be ‘influenced’ by words and images.

After many years in marketing and advertising roles, I felt the urge to redirect my knowledge and interest into something that felt more positive and more meaningful, away from ‘selling to people’ to one of ‘supporting people’ and that’s when I discovered Coaching – the practice of communicating with people in a way that facilitates and empowers them to make positive change.

In 2009, after many years working in my own business supporting leaders and business owners to achieve their professional and personal goals, I decided to join forces with Lindsay and Better Questions and train others in the skill of communicating in this powerfully transformative way.  Years later, I still get a buzz when I deliver my workshops and see people practicing their newly learnt skills with each other and getting great ‘ah-hah’ breakthroughs and results in a matter of hours. I also still enjoy working one-on-one with my coaching clients and supporting them on their individual journey of growth and achievement.

As well as delivering the Better Questions workshops, mostly across NSW and QLD, I also manage the Website and Marketing & Communications aspects of the business.

Mary Mangos

Mary is registered coaching Psychologist and has been working as a Coach, Facilitator and Speaker since 2001. Her approach is to inspire people to flourish and thrive through uncertainty and change. Mary specialises in supporting leaders and staff for improved performance and wellbeing, using tools and strategies from positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Her coaching, workshops and webinars, synthesise critical insights to support YOU to thrive and to be productive. She tailors her coaching and learning programs to ensure her clients are inspired with tangible techniques to apply every day in work and life. A collaborative and solution focused approach is used, to elicit positive change and growth.

Mary is also a published author with her case study at National Australia Bank “Group Coaching, National Custodian Services” published in the book: Releasing the Potential of Managers – Australian Coaching, Deakin Prime. She also has another book coming soon: Finding your Wellbeing. The path to happiness, clarity and peace.

Kathy Rodwell

Kathy is a Leadership Coach and Mentor working across health, corporate, not-for profits and high growth ventures. A city dweller most of the time, she also works in regional areas where leadership talent often lays undiscovered and under-developed. She has worked extensively with health managers who are leading at the frontline in major hospitals and health services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having coached many hundreds of private, corporate and government clients worldwide, her mission remains clear; to create ethical, compassionate, people- centric dynamics in workplaces where people thrive and create greater success for the organisation.

Kathy approaches her coaching partnerships with respectful curiosity and has a way of rapidly getting to the heart of what it will take to change. This translates into people being challenged and supported to the appropriate level and the results being sustained beyond the coaching program.

En-route to beginning her coaching career in 2001, she held corporate roles in organisational learning and development, marketing, customer experience and sales management.