Advice or ‘Application’ Shortage?

October 5, 2022
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October 5, 2022 Lindsay Tighe

Advice or ‘Application’ Shortage?

I recently read an article asking the question “Is there an advice shortage?”

It made me ponder, and I quickly concluded that advice and wisdom sharing is everywhere! So it’s interesting that the question about there being an advice shortage was asked.

In my opinion it isn’t about there being a shortage of advice, it is about there being a lack of application of the advice. So why might that be?

I believe there are several factors at play:

1) Advice is general and not personalised

2) We don’t listen to people’s issues before jumping in, so the advice is invalid

3) We think we know best, when really the best advice needs to be elicited from the person themself

4) We don’t engage people with the advice provided

5) The person didn’t want advice in the first place!

What’s also interesting is to note that the people readily giving advice often get frustrated because their advice isn’t being take notice of!!

If people aren’t taking your advice maybe its time to be honest with yourself to ascertain the real reason why not and perhaps its time to switch to Asking Better Questions rather than being a serial adviser!