Do you want to learn communication skills to positively impact people's lives?

Our Asking Better Questions workshop teaches you how to truly empower people to have a voice be, be trusted and respected and enabled to thrive in both work and life.

In our workshops we inspire, challenge and excite you with our wisdom, stories, experiences and knowledge gained from many years of practice. We invite you to honestly self-reflect with an open mind to recognise habitual styles of communication that can prove to be unintentionally detrimental to others, and we show you how you can implement some simple, but profound and highly effective strategies to have truly empowered conversations and enable everyone to thrive!

Information packed, fun and inspiring our Asking Better Questions workshops cover:

  • Recognition of the significance of our communication in enabling others to thrive
  • Insight into how and why questions can profoundly and positively impact on people’s lives
  • Practical tips, tools and strategies to show you how to change habitual communication
  • Insight into understanding resistance to empowerment and how to overcome it
  • Reflection on listening and simple tips to enable your listening skills to be significantly improved
  • Awareness about what makes a question a Better Question, including an introduction to a practical and highly effective questioning model
  • Time for practice either during the workshop or in between sessions (depending on delivery method)
  • Action planning to create ongoing and positive change in practice

As a result of attending our workshop you will be able to:

  • Have a profound and positive impact on your clients, colleagues and everyone in your personal life
  • Improve your service provision by having better relationships with clients and enable them to achieve better outcomes
  • Enhance your workplace and create a positive workplace culture where everyone uses their potential, is engaged and motivated and is thriving

Right now, we need more people who are passionate about creating a better world for all to have the skills to make a profound and positive difference in everyone’s lives  – will you join us to enable that to happen?

“I thought that I was good at communicating and being helpful by solving everyone problems for them. But in this workshop, I realised that this unconscious habitual style of communicating is actually detrimental to others by stifling their ability to think for themselves, be less confident and ultimately more reliant. I am so grateful that I can now communicate in a way that truly empowers others, that enables them to be more capable and confident and really shine and thrive. I even get to save time and be less burdened myself in the process too!”Roberto, Senior Manager

“I wanted to tell you how much I loved the Workshop yesterday! I’m sure people tell you this all the time, but you should hear it nonetheless! The Workshop was incredible – what you have developed is truly life changing! What you shared with us, was something I had never considered before – everything you shared was so enlightening and inspiring. I love love love the idea of enabling people to access their amazingness, and being a “potentialiser”. The energy you shared with us is so contagious, and I feel so excited about the positive changes your workshop will make in so many areas of my life. I think I’m going to become your new walking advertisement – Ha ha! I wish everyone I know could come along to one of your workshops ”Allied Health Coordinator, Disability Service Provider VIC