Challenging inertia!

September 7, 2021
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September 7, 2021 Lindsay Tighe

Challenging inertia!

Inertia can be good if we are contemplating and reflecting to then take action. Sadly though, all too often, inertia happens because we are afraid. We are afraid of the outcome – what if I fail, what if someone thinks less of me, what if it doesn’t work out as well as I hoped?

All the time that we are stuck nothing changes.

This ‘stuckness’ often causes us to feel frustrated, angry or disappointed and all too often we blame others for these feelings rather than looking inwards and recognising it is our inertia that is the problem!
Here is a challenge! What if you took one step forward? Just one.

This one action may or may not work BUT you are moving!

If it works – fabulous!

If it doesn’t work what did you learn? How can you use this to help you decide what to do next? What is the next step forward you can take?
Then REPEAT the process!

You will be amazed at how taking one step changes everything – we are no longer stuck we are learning and in the process who knows what you will achieve!