Do you give unsolicited advice?

February 21, 2023
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February 21, 2023 Lindsay Tighe

Do you give unsolicited advice?

Do you give unsolicited advice?

Advice giving seems to be the norm, whether it is asked for or not! Let’s be honest – most of us habitually respond by providing advice when anyone shares a problem with us.

Whilst we believe we are helping often this advice is not taken, despite the person politely thanking us for our help.

So why do we give unsolicited advice? We undoubtedly tell ourselves we are being helpful, but maybe there are some other more, less desirable reasons why we do this.

Look in the mirror and see if any of these may be true of you:

1) You believe you are more intelligent

2) You think you are right

3) You like to be in control

4) Struggle to see alternatives or perceptions

5) You are a compulsive rather than considered communicator

Whilst none of us like to admit to these ‘traits’ I certainly know that many of them were true for me. The good news is that becoming a considered communicator you can learn to choose to avoid these traits.

Is it time to review the way you are communicating?



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