Learn the necessary self-management techniques required for you to be a Better Questioner

Take Your Better Questioning Skills to the Next Level

If you have learned the all-important skills to ask Better Questions, the next step is to deepen your understanding and take your questioning to a higher level by learning the ESSENTIAL SELF MANAGEMENT strategies required for YOU to BE a Better Questioner.

The ability to manage our mindset and emotions is a vital component of effective communication and during this 3-hour workshop and the 30- minute follow up session, we will provide you with frameworks, strategies, and activities which will cultivate the 3 essential elements of:

  • Curiosity through mindfulness, to support ongoing self-discovery, which supports you to maintain an open, curious approach with others and to better understand others
  • Emotional self- awareness and the ability to effectively manage others’ emotions, to facilitate you to self-reflect, have insight and more effectively enable the progress of goals and change
  • Self-Care exploration and intentional planning, to support your wellbeing and to ensure that you can be truly present in your conversations

By learning and applying these self-management techniques you will bring more awareness into your practice, resulting in more meaningful and in-depth conversations that will lead to greater understanding and better outcomes.

This workshop will conclude with action planning to support the integration of the practices explored. 4 weeks later: You will be invited to attend a 30-minute virtual follow-up meeting to discuss your progress, and get clarity to maintain the positive momentum with your action plan.


Mary Mangos is a registered Psychologist with a desire to share her science-based strategies and practical ideas to inspire people to be the best they can be. A dynamic and engaging workshop facilitator and speaker, Mary has also been a highly effective Better Questioner since 2001.

“Mary is a great trainer. I came away from the session with a plan of what to focus on in the coming weeks and months”