Empowering People to be Resourceful & Achieve Better Outcomes

Do you want to enable people to be more engaged, resourceful, motivated, empowered and to take more responsibility? You have the ability to achieve this through one conscious act…by changing the way you communicate with them.

Communication typically consists of too much TELLING and not enough ASKING, which inhibits people from thinking for themselves, overcoming their own challenges and being self-motivated. The Better Questions workshop offers highly effective communication strategies and practical tips that facilitate people to be more engaged, motivated and empowered to make their own choices. By learning the Better Questions communication technique you will enhance your communication skills and your professional practice.
Information packed and interactive, the Better Questions workshop covers:
• Recognise habitual patterns of response in our conversations
• Understand the impact of asking vs telling and the principles of asking Better Questions
• Using Better Questions in practical scenarios
• Handling resistance to the approach
• Listening tips and traps
• Improve your ability to ask Better Questions
• Introduction to the BETTER QUESTIONS model
• Experiential activity to practice asking Better Questions

What will I gain if I attend?
• Understand the benefits of asking vs telling as a preferred mode
of communication
• Develop listening skills to facilitate more creativity, resourcefulness
and engagement
• Understand when to ask questions and what questions to ask
• The ability to enable more confidence, capability, independence and motivation with everyone, creating better relationships and outcomes

Who is this workshop suitable for? This workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to be able to have more empowered conversations with people and enable them to be more resourceful ie. Leaders, Health/Wellbeing Practitioners, Aged/ Disability Care Professionals, Parents, Carers etc

What do people say about this workshop?

“I can hardly believe what an impact your Better Questions workshop has had on me and the changes that have already occurred in my work practices since my attendance. l have been telling everyone about it.” Victoria Busch, Community Cancer Care Coordinator, Gosford Hospital NSW

“The Better Questions workshop offered practical strategies for improving the effectiveness of people leaders.  All participants rated the workshop highly and commented that it was well worth the investment of their time.  Lindsay is a highly skilled, informative and entertaining presenter.” Mandy Smith, Manager, Community Services, City of Unley, SA

“Thank you for a fantastic day. I mean that wholeheartedly. I learnt more than I thought possible about “questions”.  It has been my job to ask questions for the past 8 years or more, and I thought I knew it all…. I will definitely practice, practice, practice the new skills you have gifted me. I know I will be a better assessor because of it. Thank you again.”  Audra Stewart, Home Support Assessor, APM, TAS


All participants who register before **1ST FEBRUARY**  will receive a FREE copy of one of the ‘Better Questions’ Book of their choice (Health, Leaders, Parents or Aged Care) valued at $29.95/$24.95



We look forward to you joining us!


Feb 14 2023


9:00 am - 3:45 pm


$440 ($400 + $40.00 GST)


Hotel Grand Chancellor
Launceston, TAS


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