Is this the way life’s meant to be?

October 18, 2022
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October 18, 2022 Lindsay Tighe

Is this the way life’s meant to be?

I was singing along to a favourite tune from the eighties (!) and the title of this blog reflects the actual words in the song – “Is this the way life’s meant to be?” As often happens with me, it triggered me to stop and think!

It made me really reflect on a number of things about my own life and whether it really is on track, but more powerfully, it made me think about what influences how we think we should live our lives. Are we really in the driving seat, or are we being influenced by external forces that we aren’t really aware of? How much do we get influenced by the expectation of society, or others, and is this what we really want?

Maybe it’s time to reflect on these powerful words by asking ourselves these questions:

1) How is my life meant to be?

2) Who is influencing how my life is meant to be?

3) If was redesigning my life so it is in line with how I know it is meant to be, what would I now change?

By becoming conscious of the current choices we are making, we are in a position to make different choices, if we want to – far better than living a life that someone else designed for us.


Image by jcomp on Freepik