Ivan Illich

May 12, 2019
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May 12, 2019 Lindsay Tighe

Ivan Illich

What if you have got all your life wrong?

I was reminded the other day of what someone had shared with me in relation to a book that they had read – “The Death Of Ivan Illich”, by Tolstoy. Apparently, the book is about a man called Ivan and it follows him through his life until he is on his deathbed. At this point, he turns to his wife and asks the question “What is I got all of my life wrong?” and then he drops dead.

Whilst I acknowledge that this sounds morbid, I love it when I am simply reminded about some profound and important things that I need to be mindful of. Often in our busy lives, we don’t focus on the things that are really the most important and I love that this simple anecdote reminds me to check in to see how I am living my life. It reminds me to check in to see whether I know that I am on track with the choices I am making and to become aware of what I am prioritizing. Of course, if I have concerns I can then do something about it, rather than leaving it to be too late.

In my experience, there are too many people who never stop and think about their lives until either a significant life-changing event happens, or worse, they are literally on their deathbeds. How sad that some people will never ask themselves what their ideal lives really are or what they want their legacy to be or how they really want to spend their precious time.

If you do nothing else today, may I suggest that you ask yourself if your life is on track and if the answer is ‘yes’ fantastic, if not what do you need to do to make it so?

I’m interested to know what do other people do to ensure that their lives are on track – I’d love to hear your strategies.