Lindsay Tighe – AN Engaging Speaker for your events/shows/Segments/ARTICLES

Her knowledge and passion shine through!

Lindsay is an accomplished speaker in the art of consciously using questions to bring out the best in people which ultimately leads to better outcomes for all. With over 20 years experience coaching executives as well as training 1000’s of people across many sectors in the skill of ‘Asking Better Questions’, Lindsay has established herself as a recognised and sought after thought leader and speaker on the topic.

Also an accomplished author, Lindsay has written nine books on the topic as well as a range of online courses designed to enlighten people to the power of using questions more consciously in their conversations to engage and empower others.

Over the past 20 years, Lindsay has been invited to speak at conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia and has also appeared as the subject matter expert on a variety of TV & Radio shows as well as written publications such as Herald Sun, Woman’s Day, New Idea and Qantas magazine to list a few.

“Lindsay is a very knowledgeable, humble, genuine and insightful lady who speaks in a real world language, presents in a way that is engaging, novel and fun. In addition, she is an accomplished author and a thought leader in this space, I went away from this session with both an inner and outer smile and a song on my lips, thank you Lindsay.”

Gordon Hollonds – Project Coordinator – Peninsula Trail

LINDSAY on screen

LINDSAY in print

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