Asking Better Questions

Communication typically consists of too much TELLING and not enough ASKING, which inhibits people from thinking for themselves, overcoming their own challenges, and being self-motivated. The Better Questions workshop offers highly effective communication strategies and practical tips that facilitate people to be more engaged, motivated, and empowered to make their own choices. By learning the Better Questions communication technique, you will enhance your communication skills and get better outcomes in all contexts of your work and life.


Do you want your team to know how to truly practice Inclusion in work and life?

This inspiring workshop enables people to recognise their unconscious biases and habits that inhibit inclusive practices and which are detrimental to others. We provide insightful and practical examples and ideas and strategies that inspire people to change their habitual communication for the better. It is our absolute intention and belief that attendees walk away feeling excited and inspired about what steps they will take to become a more inclusive and empowered communicator with EVERYONE they interact with.

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(Also available for individuals as a self-paced online program – see our online workshops page for more details)


There is no doubt that staff who do not have the ability to cope effectively with challenges that occur in their lives will feel overwhelmed and less productive at work. There is increasing evidence that workplaces can play an important and active role in maintaining the mental health and well-being of their workers.

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