Creating confident, capable and resilient kids

We all want our children to grow up feeling confident, being able to make their own decisions and having the ability to be resilient and independent thinkers. One of the most critical ways we can enable this to happen is to be more conscious of how we are communicating with them.

All too often we inadvertently have a more overprotective or dominant style of communicating that can have quite detrimental long-term impacts and so having the right skills to utilise with our children is critical for all parents and people involved in their care and education.

Our inspiring, fun and highly thought-provoking workshops teach you how to have truly Empowered Conversations with children, such that you will feel confident that you are contributing to giving them the best possible start in life and equipping them with essential skills that enable their success.
Imagine the difference you can make to children’s lives when you know how to have truly Empowered Conversations.

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