Enabling EVERYONE to Have a Voice – Diversity & Inclusion in Practice


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In this inspiring self-paced online program, we enable people to recognise their unconscious biases and habits that inhibit inclusive practices and which are detrimental to others. We provide insightful and practical examples and ideas and strategies that inspire people to change their habitual communication for the better. We also include simple ideas as to how people can implement what they have learnt immediately and stay motivated and on track with their practice.

It is our absolute intention and belief that attendees walk away feeling excited and inspired about what steps they will take to become a more inclusive and empowered communicator with EVERYONE they interact with.

Course time 1.5 hours plus time for reflection and action planning.

  • The cost to complete the online Empowered Conversations – Enabling EVERYONE to have a voice program is $49.50 per person.
    Discounts apply for all bulk pre-purchases, paid by invoice/EFT (prices include GST) as follows:
  • 1 – 10 enrolments $49.50 per person
  • 11 – 25 enrolments $44 per person
  • 26 – 50 enrolments $38.50 per person
  • 51 – 100 enrolments $33 per person
  • 101 – 250 enrolments $27.50 per person
  • 251 – 500 enrolments $22 per person
  • 501 + enrolments $16.50 per person

  • Please email us at to enquire about bulk purchases.

“This course was extremely beneficial. It broke down some challenging concepts into plain English and was delivered in a helpful and constructive manner. I feel equipped to be more mindful of removing my ego from discussions around DEI and believe others would also benefit from this. I had my thinking challenged, and because Lindsay presents in such a non-judgemental manner, I felt safe to explore my thoughts and assumptions. I would recommend this course to anyone who is genuinely seeking to improve their communication in the DEI space.”

Nicole Ford

Recruitment Specialist, St Lukes Health, Launceston, TAS

“This self-paced learning course has been amazing. It’s not just about learning but transforming my mindset. Embracing an open-minded perspective and committing to regular practice has become a personal journey. The focus on self-reflection hits close to home, prompting me to question my assumptions and address my biases head-on. Reflecting on my own open-mindedness and listening skills is a personal checkpoint, making this course an integral part of my continuous journey to understand diverse perspectives. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.”

Oscar Lau

Training and Development Lead, Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand

“Completing the unconscious bias workshop has helped me to understand and become aware when unconscious bias creeps in, and how to challenge my thinking. The concept of making assumptions, and in how many little ways we all make assumptions daily, was a real eye-opener. Lindsay provided examples from her own experiences that everyone can relate to. Coming from a non-english speaking background, I have experienced the detrimental consequences of unconscious bias firsthand on many occasions. Learning how we can become more aware and challenge our assumptions and bias about others is so important in creating a harmonious inclusive and diverse culture, and ultimately in achieving better outcomes for individuals, teams, and organisations. Since completing the workshop I’m consciously practicing to notice my unconscious bias and ask more questions before falling into the trap of making false assumptions. I was lucky enough to experience Lindsay’s ‘Asking Better Questions’ workshop in person, and I am yet again in awe of her authenticity, humility, and empathic ways of teaching.”

Nadya Hamdami

Organisational development Specialist, Hendercare, SA

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