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Malaki testimonial for Better Questions Workshop

"Today I attended Lindsay’s, “Asking Better Questions” training session and I must say that it was a “breath of fresh” air, no PowerPoint, no cute embarrassing ice-breakers, no cringe worthy role plays, and no sticky notes or brainstorming exercises. It was the most accomplished “stand up” routine that I have experienced but it wasn’t a comedy (however we did laugh at times), it simply (unfair word, because the topic is not simple) was a very knowledgeable, humble, genuine and insightful lady who speaks in a real world language, presents in a way that is engaging, novel and fun. Lindsay’s session was minimalist in format, but maximalism in content, (without the graphics) her delivery style ensured her passion of “Asking Better Questions” did not become an academic exercise, rather shining a light on its importance and making you think. I believe as a result of the style and person of course, there is a very high likelihood that Lindsay’s key messages were really heard by the attendees. Practical, insightful examples stemming from years of “Asking Better Questions”, added to the richness. Lindsay in addition, is an accomplished author and a thought leader in this space, I went away from this session with both an inner and outer smile and a song on my lips, thank you Lindsay."

Gordon Hollonds

Project Coordinator - Peninsula Trail

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