Partnering with Exceptional People Focussed Organisations

We are clear that we want to be of service to organizations and individuals who share our passion for people and care about enabling them to THRIVE.

Our clients are on a journey of continuous workplace improvement and are serious and courageous about challenging the norm and implementing best practices.

Over the last 20 years, we have been privileged to partner with a diverse range of organizations throughout Australia and overseas and have trained 1000’s of their employees.

Whilst the primary sectors that we serve are Leaders, Aged Care, Health & Wellbeing, Disability Support, and Community Services, we recognize that the skills we teach will enable better outcomes in every context of life!

We will be privileged to share our passion and enthusiasm for Empowered Conversations with people who want to improve workplace communications, their workplace culture and get better outcomes for everyone they interact with and are serious about creating a world where everyone is enabled to THRIVE.

Here’s how we will make a difference to you:


Inspire others and role model transformational leadership practices that promote great workplace cultures where everyone truly feels valued, empowered and motivated

Aged Care

Support your clients to feel respected, heard and understood and engage, empower and motivate them for improved outcomes.


Create a more compassionate and positive patient experience which will lead to better patient engagement and better health and wellbeing outcomes.


Enable Choice and Empowerment for People with Disability by practicing person focussed care and build capacity to improve their wellbeing and create more self reliance.


Empower and equip children to live their best life by enabling them to be more confident, resilient and responsible as well as develop problem solving and decision making skills.


Be prepared for the changing face of Aged Care service provision and be able to truly demonstrate consumer-centric practice enabling you to meet your clients’ needs, wants, and preferences.