Whether you are a leader, a professional or team member there is no doubt that having the ability to release the capability and potential in everyone you interact with will be amazingly beneficial to your role.

We teach you a very powerful style of communicating that not only enables the people you interact with to be more engaged, confident and motivated, it reduces reliance and pressure on you to be the expert, freeing you up in both time and energy to focus on other important aspects of your role.

In workplaces this leads to high performing teams who thrive in a positive and empowered culture.

In service provision, it enables the highest level of service to clients who thrive and feel empowered, respected and valued.

Our workshops are inspiring, fun and thought provoking resulting in you learning a way of communicating that can be applied in all contexts of your life.

You will hear stories, ideas, anecdotes and wisdom that means you can walk away with invaluable skills that transform your ability to be a great Leader, be part of a great Team and provide exceptional service to the clients that you serve.

Imagine the difference you can make to your Team, your Organisation and your clients when you know how to have truly Empowered Conversations.

A Great Day Was Had By All!

Lindsay and a group of facilitators for the HIPPY program from Barnardos, Family Services and Learning Links NSW enjoyed a fantastic day of learning how to Ask Better Questions. Some comments from the day include:

“AMAZING! Would do the training again”

“Fabulous! Incredibly informative with lots of very useful and practical examples – I really enjoyed it!”

“Thank you – I love your passion and hope this information goes viral.”

Contact us to enquire about running an in-house Asking Better Questions Workshop at info@empoweredconversations.com.au

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