Enabling communities to THRIVE!

By working in a Community Service role, you are committed to creating a better world for everyone in the Community that you serve. You are passionate about enabling everyone to be respected, given a voice and truly empowered to be a valued member of your Community. We share your passion for enabling people, and know that one of the most effective ways that these outcomes will happen, is to have highly effective communication skills.

At Empowered Conversations we pride ourselves with having the ability to truly inspire, challenge and educate Community Service providers to be able to communicate in a profound and positive way.

Our workshops aren’t just another Communication Skills training – they are inspiring, they are information packed, they are fun and most importantly provide practical strategies that everyone can implement to great effect, immediately. You will hear stories, ideas, anecdotes and wisdom that means you can walk away with invaluable skills that transform your ability to engage with your Community in a highly effective way, that enables everyone to THRIVE!

Imagine the difference you can make to your Community when you know how to have truly Empowered Conversations.

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