Respecting and empowering everyone with Disability

If you work in the Disability sector, you care deeply about people. You care about equality, empowerment and truly believe in everyone’s innate ability. You know that all too frequently people with Disability are treated differently by our society and you want to advocate for them and truly empower them to have a voice and be respected.

We share your passion to create a world where people with Disability are given this respect and are enabled to have choices about their well-being and independence. All too often we inadvertently have a more overprotective style of communicating that can have quite detrimental long-term impacts. So having the right skills to utilise with people with disability is critical for everyone involved in their advocacy, support and care.

Our inspiring, fun and highly thought-provoking workshops teach you how to have truly Empowered Conversations with people with Disability such that you will feel confident that you are contributing to enabling them to live the best possible life.

Imagine the difference you can make to the lives of people with disabilities, when you know how to have truly Empowered Conversations.

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