For organisations

We are inviting organisations that are passionate about creating a culture where all employees and clients are truly empowered and given a voice, to join our campaign to raise awareness and educate people about Conversational Oppression.

To join our very special group, your organisation will need to demonstrate a commitment to educating and training all employees in our philosophy and methodologies and create a culture where ongoing practice is demonstrated.

In return, you will become a valued member of our exclusive Empowered Voices Club where organisations will be awarded the ‘Empowered Voices Badge of Honour’ that recognises this commitment.

This award will provide a clear message to all existing and potential employees and clients that your organisation is:

  • Committed to giving everyone a voice .
  • Acting with compassion, empathy and humility.
  • Values driven and committed to creating a great experience for their clients and employees.
  • Genuinely and demonstrably focused on people over profit.

We know that your valued participation will result in:

  • The creation of a positive workplace culture where everyone uses their potential, is engaged and motivated and is thriving.
  • Your organisations leadership capability being enhanced resulting in better experiences and outcomes for everyone .
  • Enhanced service provision to your clients and the outcomes they achieve.
  • Your organisation being recognised as having a strong reputation for being of service and genuinely caring for their people.
  • Making the world a better place for humankind.

How to become a member of our exclusive empowered Voices club:

Support of our campaign and annual membership to the Empowered Voices Club requires your pledge and commitment to:

  • All of your Leadership Team undertaking the Asking Better Questions workshop* (either face to face/virtual or online)
  • All of your staff completing the Better Questions online workshop*
  • Role modeling the Asking Better Questions approach with your teams and clients
  • Create an Empowered Voices culture through ongoing discussion and practice of the Better Questions approach regularly at team meetings, events, and performance reviews
  • Sharing reminders and finding ways to encourage and embed the Better Questions approach.

*Course discounts apply for organisation joining our campaign.

Annual Renewal

Online refresher training will be provided to all staff annually and to new staff as they come onboard to ensure a company – wide culture of Empowered Voices is achieved and maintained.

Your valued membership gives you:

A Certificate of Commitment
An E-Badge for use in all correspondence
Recognition on our website as an Organisation committed to the awareness and education to eradicate Conversational Oppression and promote a culture of Empowered Voices

Exclusive access to a discussion group where like-minded organisation share updates and insights regarding their practices

An invitation to an inspiring annual event where we bring together all organisations who are on the journey with us.

We know that only organisations that are serious about enhancing their reputation and building a person-centric culture, will choose to join us on a journey of valuing and truly empowering and inspiring everyone to thrive - Are you one of them? If so, we’d love to work with you!

If you would like to chat with us to find out more about The Empowered Voices Movement, please call us on 1300 695 377 or alternatively email [email protected]