The Empowered Voices Movement

Our mission is to change the world by transforming the way people are communicating.

Our work raises awareness about unconscious habits that are prevalent in our conversations that inhibit people from realizing their full potential and being able to thrive.

We call this way of communicating:

“Conversational Oppression”

A mostly unconscious act, Conversational Oppression is communicating in a disempowering way that doesn’t allow a person:

  • The time and space to be truly listened to.
  • Silence to think and encouraged to articulate their thoughts.
  • Support to problem solve, create and achieve for themselves.

Sadly, most often, people have no awareness that this is what they are doing. In fact, they believe that they are helping by telling, advising or suggesting and even ‘doing for’ and ‘fixing’ when really, they are inhibiting people from being resourceful, using their potential and being more capable and confident.

This oppression doesn’t just happen with marginalised and disadvantaged groups, it happens every day with colleagues, with clients, with our families and even our children.

We aim to achieve our mission of eradicating Conversational Oppression by educating and challenging people to step up and make a stand for communicating in a way that truly empowers others and creates a world where everyone is respected, given a voice and thrives.

Will you support our mission by joining our 'Empowered Voices Movement' to eradicate Conversational Oppression?

The Empowered Voices Movement